Weekly Sunday Roundup – Week 2

News of the week

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Heartiest congratulations to TeamNUS Dragon Boat team who did NUS proud at the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2013!

Despite the initial postponement of the event date due to the haze, the team continued training hard which resulted in the women’s team making a clean sweep of the National Championship women’s title, the Tertiary Women’s title and the coveted Prime Minister Challenge Trophy for the fourth consecutive year.

The men’s team came in third for the National Championship, and second for the Tertiary Open and Prime Minister Challenge Trophy. The men and women’s team together also secured a bronze medal for the tertiary mixed category.

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NUS Rag and Flag 2013

We are pleased to announce that all participating bodies of NUS have managed to raise more than $415 000 in total (including cheque donations) for Flag Day 2013!

The President’s Sheild for Flag this year goes to the Business Faculty as well as Kent Ridge Hall for raising the highest amount of donations.

The donations raised will be presented  to ComChest to aid children with special needs, people will disabilities, lone and frail elderly, and families with difficulties.

The online donation site at ComChest will be opened till 31st August. You can proceed to to make a donation.


Tweet of the week

SinYee ‏@hahazZ  22 Aug

just found out that The Final 1 winner Farisha is a freshmen in NUS FASS! nice!

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Instagram photo of the week


credits to @ak1691 (Kun Hwa) at runNUS 2013


Student group of the week

NUS Enablers

What is it about: They aim to create an inclusive NUS campus experience for all by spearheading services catering to students with special needs in the NUS community. They do this in hope of eliminating difficulties special needs students face in school and to raise awareness to people to form support groups for these students.

What they do: A group that focuses on helping special needs students get their way around campus more efficiently by mapping wheelchair-friendly routes and doing video tutorials to guide them.

Upcoming events:

1) Special needs orientation programme
2) Wheelathon 2013, 6 Sept

Find out more about the Enablers at their Facebook page and sign up if you want to be part of this meaningful event! You may also contact Annie Lim at 96670043 for more details.

Sign up link:

Facebook page:


Curator for next week

Name: Benjamin Ho

Biography: A year 3 student at the Faculty of Science, doing Environmental Studies.

Benjamin likes reading, writing, and describing himself in the third person. He blogs irregularly at

Follow him @ridgefolks and visit for more information on the Rotation Curation account.

The Weekly Sunday Roundup is a new initiative brought about by The Ridge Editorial Team to give the NUS community an update of the latest and most interesting news that has happened around NUS. It will be published every Sunday evening starting this week.