What It’s Like to Be a First-Time Voter

With Polling Day commencing in less than 24 hours, The Ridge‘s News Desk Editor Velda Wong spoke to some of her NUS peers to find out how they feel about casting their votes for the very first time in Singapore:


Ernest Puey, Year 4 Political Science


“It’s very exciting. I don’t really know what to expect coming out of the elections but it’s something I’ve been studying about for a while now but never got to see for myself. So I’m really psyched about being able to vote in the East Coast GRC.”




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Zai Dani, Year 4 Communications & New Media student

“I was initially really excited to finally be heading to the polls because I have a voice and can play a part in deciding the future of Singapore. However, my excitement was short-lived when I discovered the opposition candidate was Han Hui Hui in my Radis Mas SMC. There is no substance or political excitement in my SMC with the presence of such an opposition calibre.”

Kenelm Tey, Year 4 Communications & New Media student

“Personally, I think that the People’s Action Party (PAP) is becoming increasingly arrogant and they need to see that they are not perfect too. We need more opposition in parliament if we want to move towards a first world nation. I can’t wait to vote and have my voice count! No words are able to describe the immense excitement I am feeling about this year’s elections.”

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Zealyn Heng, Year 4 Life Sciences

“For some strange reason I am feeling quite apprehensive as a first-time voter in Singapore! This is because I know that my vote could be the deciding factor for Singapore’s future and in charting a new course of history. I am not someone who has a strong inclination towards the local political scene but I understand that it is of paramount importance to have good governance in any country. I do hope the PAP will continue to form the dominant government in Singapore but that does not warrant any form of complacency!”

Sidney Tio, Year 4 Psychology

“I feel quite amused because of some funny antics pulled by the contesting candidates. To be honest I do not give the General Elections any special attention as the West Coast GRC which I am in is contested by the Reform Party and they are nothing short of clowny.”

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