The Ridge Insider: 7 Writers Share Ways to Destress

Artwork: Kelman Chiang

The Ridge brings you our second instalment of The Ridge Insider, a series of glimpses into the lives of those in the NUS community.

Finals – the end is near in sight. Amidst the crazy amount of notes we now have to navigate 24/7, we hope that NUS students are able to find some time to relax during your examination preparations. Remember not to be too hard on yourself during this crucial period!

Centred on this month’s theme, Breathe, we find out from our own writers about what they do to de-stress during this hectic month of revision.

Hang on tight everyone, December (a.k.a holidays!) is almost here!



Chia Soong Ming, Entertainment Desk Writer 

Five years ago, my group of friends pitched in between 30 to 70 dollars per person to buy a tabletop game each. We bring our own games along for entertainment during gatherings in lieu of pricey movies or events. These mobile, convenient and free hang out sessions are a great way to chill out with good friends, including and especially for times where we need a break from overwhelming stress!


Heng Hui Ting, News Desk Writer 

I de-stress by talking it out with my friends – it’s comforting to know you’re not alone!


Claire Chan, Creative Desk Writer

This November, I have been busy, and I have found rest. I rested in the the moments of coffee-drinking, lip-syncing (to various musical numbers), people-watching, and trading some cherished time for sleep with daydreaming. Time quickens when one is busy with only being busy but slows down when one is busy with adequate pockets of rest.



Aron Goh, Features Desk Writer

I really hate getting stressed out so when I do, I distract myself instantly with a cartoon. Something lighthearted, fun, and superhero themed. Cartoons really help me to de-stress because it reminds me of much simpler times, like when I was five and never had to worry about an assignment.

                                                                                  Photo Credit: Varsha
Varsha Sivaram, Opinion Desk Writer 
November is notable for many things: rainy weather, the end of a possibly tumultuous year, and the month when deadlines and finals loom closer than ever before. My personal coping mechanism for the rocky weeks might be clichéd, overrated, and even a little boring – but it works. When the pressure feels like it’s overflowing, I like to get out of my own head (and literally out of my own room) to a quiet spot in U-Town, usually around Tembusu College. Just sitting in a place with little to no human traffic and some greenery helps to put things in perspective, and allows me to take stock of the bigger picture; that life is more than the essay due in a few hours.
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Photo Credit: Running Man


Kirstin Sow, Lifestyle Desk Writer

Watching the latest episode of running man always cheers me up. Running Man is a South Korean variety show where the members and guests complete a series of game missions in order to win the race. The unpredictability of the themes and games each week coupled with the chemistry between the cast makes this a great show to chase away the stress and boredom of school life.
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Zhou Jia Jia, Wired Desk Writer

I fragment the things I need to do into a long checklist and give myself a reward for every item I check off the list. I reward myself with anything that fits my mood at that time; listen to a song, play a song, food etc.