Upcoming NUSSU Events for Sem 2 AY2015/16

Wondering what’s happening on campus this semester?

Check out our comprehensive guide on the fun-filled activities and events organised by the NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU) and its constituent clubs and committees in the coming weeks! For more updates, visit NUSSU’s Facebook page.

BIZCOM Infinite Bazaar

An exciting marketplace event by the NUSSU Business Committee (BIZCOM) showcasing the various NUStyle/NUS discount partners, and featuring special night performances by budding talents!

  • Date: 26 Jan (10am-6pm), 27 Jan (10am-9pm)
  • Venue: UTown Town Plaza

Engin Day

Food, freebies and a lucky draw – these are just some of the highlights of Engin Day, organised by the NUS Students’ Engineering Club. Munch on some popcorn and candy floss, and stand a chance to win prizes including limited edition T-shirts and drawstring bags – all while having fun with carnival games (like riding on a rodeo bull)! Engin students will also get to enjoy a free churros and Chewy Junior giveaway (unlimited for 4 hours from 2pm onwards). Follow @EnginClub on Instagram for updates!

  • Date: 27 Jan (12-6pm)
  • Venue: Outside LT6

Cultural Week Bazaars

This two-series bazaar is where you can find out more about organiser NUS Students’ Cultural Activities Club. It will feature a myriad of exciting performances by CAC sub-groups, and freebies such as popcorn and candy floss (while stocks last).

  • C-Week Bazaar #1: 28-29 Jan (11am-630pm) @ UTown Town Plaza
  • C-Week Bazaar #2: 3-5 Feb (11am-630pm) @ Central Forum

Inter-Hall Games 2016

Date: Jan to mid-Feb

The annual Inter-Hall Games is back! Organised by the respective halls, IHG is a sporting event involving friendly competition between residents from the six halls, in games ranging from frisbee to sepak takraw.

Financial Talks by PIAS

Organised by a financial advisory firm in conjunction with the NUSSU Students’ Fund, these financial talks aim to equip graduating cohorts with the fundamentals of wealth management – such as the habits of financially successful people.

  • Date: 1 Feb (630-830pm)
  • Venue: Central Library Theatrette 2

NUS Career Fair

Date: 1, 5 Feb 2016

Graduating soon? Come down to the largest on-campus recruitment event of the year, organised by the Centre for Future Ready Graduates, where you could potentially find your first job.

Social Policies Forum: “Expression in the New Media Age: Possibilities and Threats”

Organised by the NUS Students’ Political Association (NUSPA), the Forum allows tertiary students across Singapore to interact with political and civil society leaders on socio-political issues. This year, join in the conversation on how the use of new media in society has shaped Singapore’s socio-political landscape.

  • Date: 5 Feb (630-930pm)
  • Venue: UTown Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

New Guns Forum: “Singapore Reloaded! – Moving Ahead”

Engage with political figures post-GE2015, hear what their parties’ plans are, and how a multi-party system would shape Singapore’s political scene. As the fourth installment of the ‘Guns’ series organised by NUSPA, the forum will also include a highly anticipated Q&A session, between members of the audience and the guest speakers.

  • Date: 11 Feb (630-930pm)
  • Venue: UTown Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium


In-fusion is an annual NUS cultural concert involving all the country groups across NUS to stage a performance. Organised by the NUSSU International Relations Committee, this concert is the only university-wide cultural extravaganza.

  • Date(s): 14 Feb (ticketing starts at 6pm)
  • Venue: UCC Theatre

Appreciation Day

Organised by NUSSU Welfare, it’s the time of the year to show your loved ones how much you care – all you need to do is to complete the phrase, “I want to thank my friend for…” and stand to win attractive prizes!

  • Date: 17-18 Feb (1030am-5pm)
  • Venue: Central Library Forum, UTown, Science

CAC+US’16 Concert: “Into the Night”

The largest NUS Cultural Activities Club concert across campus, “Into the Night” will treat you to a night of exhilarating dance and astounding music performances by our 11 sub-clubs – from ballroom dance, to street dance popping and locking! This year, CAC also partners the NUS Students’ Community Service Club (CSC) to give their beneficiaries a chance to interact with the arts – such as teaching them simple dance moves and inviting them to the concert.

  • Date: 19-20 Feb (730pm onwards)
  • Venue: UCC Hall


OlymNUS is a sports contest initiative bringing together students from different countries to promote diverse friendships across the NUS community. Organised by the NUSSU International Relations Committee, the event was named OlymNUS in 2011 with the idea of bringing the Olympic spirit to the NUS community.

  • Date: 28 Feb (9am-5pm)
  • Venue: Sports & Recreation Center

Seasons of Love Music Festival

This inaugural music festival will be held in line with Valentine’s Day at the NUS Bukit Timah Campus. Music bands from various faculties will perform, with the winning bands decided by voting. Building upon NUS’ strong music culture, “Seasons of Love” aims to foster greater interaction between NUS faculties, and provide student bands with yet another platform to showcase their talents. This festival is organised by the NUS Students’ Law Club and NUSSU Executive Committee.

  • Date: 22 Feb (630-10pm)
  • Venue: Upper Quad, NUS Bukit Timah Campus

Free Cone Day

Everyone likes ice cream, but doesn’t it taste so much better when it’s free? Drop by at any of our booths to enjoy your free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while stocks last! For the latest updates, follow NUSSU Welfare on Facebook!

  • Date: 7-11 Mar
  • Venue: TBC

NUS Open Day + Student Village


The NUS Open Day + Student Village is open to all prospective NUS students, and aims to showcase the various major Student Union entities and vibrant student life opportunities that NUS has to offer.

  • Date: 12 Mar (9am-6pm)
  • Venue: UTown


Organised by the NUSSU International Relations Committee, this concert aims to give all NUS undergraduates, including international students, a stage to shine and a place to make friends regardless of boundaries.

  • Date: 18 Mar (ticketing starts at 6pm)
  • Venue: UTown Auditorium 2 (TBC)

Financial Literacy Carnival IV

Want to gain some basic financial knowledge? Visit the Financial Literacy Carnival IV organised by NUSSU Students’ Fund at UTown Plaza on 28 Mar.

  • Date: 28 Mar (10am-530pm)
  • Venue: UTown Plaza

Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum: “Singaporean Identity: Is There One?”

One of the intellectual highlights of the university calendar, the annual forum provides tertiary students and academics opportunites to engage prominent political figures in conversation, and hear their views on topics of international and regional concern. Organised by NUSPA, the Forum aims to expose students to political discourse, and be a reputable source of feedback for government officials to understand undergraduate sentiments.

  • Date: Apr (630-930pm)
  • Venue: UTown Auditorium 2

Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway


One of the most anticipated events of the entire semester, the welfare pack giveaway will take place from Week 11 to 13. Collect your packs at your respective faculties to enjoy the freebies that will keep you going through mugging period! For more updates, follow your faculty club’s Facebook today!

Any NUSSU or even NUS-related events you think we should feature? Let us know on our Facebook page today!

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