😍 5 Types of Professors We ❤️

February is a month of 💖, 💐 and 🍫. But us students, with our busy schedules, probably spend more time with one person than “the one” – our very loveable professors.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to leave an apple on the desk of your favourite professor (or a red pen – you know how teachers love those). Here’s The Ridge’s cast of the five types of professors you cannot help but love.

Disclaimer: This article was written with my own university experience in mind. Any actual resemblance to a professor you know is entirely coincidental!


‘His pot belly’s starting to show.’  At least, that’s what you tell yourself before every match. How does he do it! This prof plays for every sports day event your major society holds, and even joins in for your casual sports CCA practice sometimes. This prof you aren’t afraid to tackle (literally). He’s incredibly gung ho – after all, the prof who beats you at sports is also the prof who you can play sports with.



You spend too many hours pouring over her assigned readings in a state of confusion but everything she says goes over your head. But you’re never afraid to voice out when you’re confused over a concept or (more likely) an extremely convoluted sentence in a reading that everyone seems to get. This prof always turns your seemingly stupid questions into highly intellectual remarks. “Did you mean …?” “I guess you’re saying …” It doesn’t matter how you phrase it. ‘Prof, I have no clue what I’m even asking, but you always make me feel like I’m a secret inner genius!’


His accent is 50 per cent the reason why you took the module. His 5-o-clock shadow is the other 49 (you have to leave some room for the actual subject matter). This professor is hands down the hottest you’ve ever seen. Your own personal Pietro Boselli. You even have friends who deliberately didn’t take the module because they knew there’s not a chance they could think straight while looking into his eyes (I do not exaggerate, a friend told me this once). But that’s a risk you’re definitely going to take. And if you think about it, it doesn’t really seem that much of a risk since this is probably the only class you’re never late for and always willingly sitting in the first row. Even if you don’t understand whatever he’s saying, that’s an excuse for an after-hours consultation, yes? 😉


On the other hand of the spectrum is the prof who is incredibly awkward (he may or she may not know it). You thought you knew what quirky meant, but this prof gives that term a whole new meaning. He never really looks you in the eye when he speaks to you, and, on occasion, uses strange hand gestures (like fanning the air in front of him, for instance). He’s incredibly shy, but you can’t help but love him because despite all his awkwardness, you find him a very genuine person who is also perhaps the most intelligent you’ve ever met.



There always seems to be that one prof who hasn’t gotten over the good old days of yesteryear. At first, you may find that this prof talks about his kampong life a little too much. It goes without saying that he really likes Singaporean case studies, so you’ll always know what to include in your class presentations. And if you were curious of how he looked like back in the day, don’t bother stalking because you’ll definitely see his primary school self in his slides somewhere or other. You bond with him over the strangest things – growing up in the same estate and talking about when kachang puteh was still sold wrapped in newspaper cones. Just be sure never to mutter ‘walao eh’ under your breath in his class because you never know when you can expect a ‘walao simi’ in return.


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Elizabeth Kamaldin
A mass communications student turned human geographer, Elizabeth loves travelling and immersing herself in new places and spaces... and writing about them later! When not busy finding pet rocks, considering adding them to her ever growing collection (every geographer must surely have one!) she also dabbles in art and craft, and likes to think of herself as an amateur watercolour/ink artist (check out her ig @littlecorals)!