SGMarrow: Be a “bold marrowcle” today!

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Ever wondered how it feels like to be a Bone Marrow Donor? SGMarrow can help you out! An initiative created by a group of NUS Medical students from the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), they have been leading remarkable efforts in their quest to recruit donors and bring the other medical schools in Singapore on board.

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SGMarrow is a joint pilot project between the International Federation of Medical Students Association (Singapore) and the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. It was set up as a conduit to cultivate awareness and encourage bone marrow donation among the youth in Singapore. Having just completed a successful donor drive at NUS Medical School in the first semester of Academic Year 15/16, SGMarrow sincerely hopes that more youth will step up to become donors christened as “marrowcles”.

Fena Lee, one of the student leaders of this initiative, shared candidly that her team hopes to aspire and change the mindset of youth towards being a “marrowcle”. One of the strong objectives of this collaboration was a drive to change largely misrepresented perceptions of bone marrow donation. Furthermore, they hope to bridge the knowledge gap of donation by spreading awareness amongst university students. In the long run, they hope to transform their generation of young people and shape the nation into one where joining the register is part and parcel of the growing up process, and where the word, ‘marrowcle’, is a recognised term and give chances for all patients to start anew.

The SGMarrow team have been tremendously encouraged by the enthusiastic response for the drive in its nascent stage, despite a handful of donors who expressed initial fears of the perceived pain in being a donor and they look forward to bringing their services to the larger community within NUS. SGMarrow also plan to conduct similar outreaches in other universities and schools in bid to reach out to more people to be a “marrowcle”.

For more information and especially to people who are interested in signing up to be a “marrowcle”, keep your eyes peeled for a drive coming near you. Also, you are strongly encouraged to look up the SGMarrow’s website and Instagram account for more insights on what’s it like to be a “marrowcle”, plus learn some interesting factoids on the benefits of being a bone marrow donor!

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