Love Yourself—And Not Just on Valentine’s Day

My year has started on quite a peculiar note. I was hospitalised from 25 December last year to 8 January for non-life-threatening health problems caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Being hospitalised gave me a new perspective on things. One truly cannot imagine what it is like to be a patient in a hospital until you are that patient. I found myself worrying about a million and one things despite wanting to get well instantly so I can get home and put this episode behind me. I hit a turning point, realising that even as students and young adults, we must not take health for granted at all.

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February is usually the month when people celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. It’s also a month of wanting to splurge on one’s loved ones, but why not be a little more selfish this year for a change? Below are a few ways you can show yourself some love.

1. Exercise

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It can be something as simple as getting up and moving or following simple exercises on YouTube. Aside from the physical benefits, exercise triggers the production of endorphins that make one feel good!

2. Shop, shop, shop

As Parks and Recreation’s Tom and Donna would say, treat yo self! Been eyeing that cute bag for ages? Well, wait no more! If you don’t want someone else to beat you to that latest and trendiest bag, go get it. Life sometimes doesn’t hand you second chances if you miss this one!

3. Eat healthy


Inspirational healthy dishes and recipes are all over the web and are easy to follow once you find them. Free up some time and whip yourself a meal to de-stress and take life easy while you relish the fruits of your gastronomic adventures. Now is the time to treat yourself to a good meal and spend some quality time with yourself in peace! 

The above list is certainly non-exhaustive and I highly recommend you to think of more ways to de-stress and take care of yourself. You may just surprise yourself at the unique list you can come up with. Then take some time off your hectic schedule and actually do them! There are indeed more rewards than penalties in scheduling me-time in your life routine.

Remember, the focus is on YOU this time!

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