5 Upcoming Study & Break Spots in NUS

During vacations, as we wind down and kick back at home, the various offices of the University Campus Infrastructure (UCI) take advantage of the lack of students on campus and labor tirelessly against a ticking clock to constantly improve and renovate popular study spots, faculty canteens, and break areas for us students.

Here are the five spots that will be available to NUS students for use by the end of 2016:

1. AS8 Study Area

Located next to AS1 and Central Library, AS8, still under construction, has many students wondering about its end result. Beginning construction at the end of 2013, UCI expects the project to be completed around July 2016, in time for the new semester. With Asian-inspired abstract motifs incorporated into the interior design, expect to feel awed by the ambience of this brand new study area replete with seminar rooms, a computer cluster and conveniently located café nearby where students can take a break from studying.

2. Central Forum

Located below Central library, construction on this site started in late 2015, with expected completion around July 2016. A brighter lighting system, improved and accessible space, and an overall change in spatial design will enable us students to enjoy the highly demanded bazaars or galas that pop up intermittently during the semester. A dining outlet has also been proposed in the area, but has not been confirmed yet.

3. The Frontier Canteen, Faculty of Science

Construction and renovation started in late 2014, and taking into account the large area to be renovated, there are two phases to the project. Phase 1, which includes the construction of a student lounge, sheltered walkway, study area with a computer cluster and an air-con eating space, will be completed by July 2016. Phase 2 of the project is more complex, as it involves revamping the huge Frontier canteen near S16, so as to make the indoor and alfresco canteens more comfortable for students and staff during peak hours.

4. FOE Study Spaces at E1, E4 & E5

Although E1, E4, E5 are already quite popular study spots with multiple utilitarian facilities, UCI has decided to make them even better! With improvements starting early this year, students can look forward to superior provisions in EA. These spots, which are thematic in nature, will have more flexible furniture, better ventilation and cooling and power sockets. There will also be additional vending machines, printing kiosks, whiteboards and shelves in some of these spots. These will hopefully aid students in their work and make them feel more comfortable while studying. Work on E1, E4 and E5 will be completed by end 2016.

5. FASS Study Spaces: AS3, AS4, LT12 & LT13

Before: AS3 Study Space
After: AS3 Study Space

Renovation on AS3 started around 4th quarter of 2015, and finished at the end of 2015 itself, in time for the new semester. The area looks much more enticing, with trendy partition walls overlooking chic modern tables which have a capacity to seat more people. Additional power sockets, whiteboards and lights have been installed to make the area even more accessible.

Refurbishment of AS4, LT12 and LT13 will be finished by September 2016.


So, at the start of the next academic year, when you go to your favourite spots on campus and find them even more appealing than they were before, you know who to thank – the various departments of UCI, which are constantly striving to make students’ lives better.

Photo credits to UCI.

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