Behind the Scenes: Packing your Welfare Packs

The Welfare Pack Giveaway is one of NUSSU Welfare’s largest projects, and literally thousands of welfare packs reach students all over campus every semester … but have you ever wondered how?

Hemaa Shruthi Sekar, the External Vice Chairperson of NUSSU Welfare, was kind enough to share a behind-the-scenes view of the Welfare Pack giveaway this semester with The Ridge… So, let’s all take a look!

I was surprised when Hemaa asked me to come down to the “YIH Dungeon”. ‘I wonder why they call it that…’, I though. Once I got there, it all made sense. The NUSSU Storage Bay at the end of a dark stairwell in the corner of Level 1 at YIH, was a warehouse-type room filled to the ceiling with boxes and bags of the welfare pack goodies.


The room was completely filled with all the items in the welfare pack. There were piles of fresh foolscap, stacks of the new welfare pack bag designed by NUSSU Welfare, boxes full of crackers and other snacks.

IMG_5363      IMG_5364


Around 40-50 people gathered here from 10am-9pm across days to pack 11,900 welfare packs. These are then picked up by minivan and delivered to each of the 10 faculties.

Here’s Hemaa with some of her team members during prep time!







But that’s only half the story – after delivery, the faculty clubs come into the picture. Each faculty club counts, and sets up a distribution booth to give away the welfare packs.

This semester the giveaway spans 11 days from 28th March to 8th April at various locations.

Your NUSSU Welfare Pack's Journey!

Do make sure you pick up your welfare pack this exam season!

There are so many fun things inside! :





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