7 Photogenic Spots On Campus For That Perfect Shot


NUS is the oldest university in Singapore, so it’s expected that it’s looking a little rough around the edges. Many students would deem the campus as not very “aesthetically pleasing”, and jump to the conclusion that finding a good spot to take a decent photo would be hard – how am I going to Instagram my entire uni life if my backdrop looks dreary and grey all the time?

But if you’re willing to put in some extra effort and look a little harder, there are some parts of the Kent Ridge Campus that are #IGworthy. And with careful framing and some skilful editing, you’ll have gorgeous photos that people won’t believe were taken on campus.

Whether you’re looking to document your #OOTDs, or looking for a spot to take photos that are 100% #SquadGoals, here are 7 photogenic spots on campus to get that perfect picture.


  1. BIZ 1 Level 4

pic-2This pretty cool staircase fits the aesthetic bill, but it also doubles as a pretty sweet location for an awesome group photo. Just walk over and get your crew arranged, and have a designated photographer on hand to help you get the shot from the other side of the building.


You may have to gesticulate wildly to get your message across, or text frantically to coordinate the timing of the shots, but the results are well worth it.


Depending on the cloud formation that day, you could end up with perfect lighting, or a vignette effect. It’s all the luck of the draw.

Nearest bus stop: BIZ 2


  1. Bridge connecting BIZ 1 and Shaw Foundation Alumni House


Bridges make for some of the coolest shots. After taking some artistic photos on Level 4, cut through to the bridge that connects BIZ 1 to the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. You’ll want to go during the off-peak hours – it’s pretty annoying to have folks walking in on your shots every three minutes.

Use the bridge as a frame for a fun friendship shot, and let the lopsided roof add a touch of whimsy to the photo. Alternatively, stand on the edge, look into the distance, and let the wind do its work.


Nearest bus stop: BIZ 2


  1. Behind LT 14 & 15

You may think FASS isn’t worth the space in your phone memory, but you’d be wrong. Sometimes, old is gold.


Venture behind LT 14 and 15 to find two things – greenery, and brick walls. Get back in touch with nature by posing with the abundance of trees here, or strike a pose in front of this old-fashioned brick wall for something a little more retro.


Just a heads-up: this place is dominated more by Mother Nature than by man, so be mindful of any critters that may be running around – we encountered a lizard (and several other creepy crawlies) on our shoot.

Nearest bus stop: CLB



Located just behind Hwang’s Korean Restaurant, between CREATE’s Research and Enterprise wings, this flight of stairs is a path not often taken – which makes it a perfect spot to get some fun shots in.


Lean against the walls for an effortlessly cool #OOTD, or sprawl out behind the plants if you want to be painted like a French girl. With muted colours, this is the perfect place if you’re wearing bold colours or prints.


There’s even a fountain next to it, flowing down the steps, though we’d advise against trying to stand on the rocks no matter how much you want to be a mermaid.

Nearest bus stop: UTown


  1. UTown Residences


You’ve probably walked through this part of UTown many times to get to the Education Resource Centre (ERC), but you probably didn’t realise it makes a pretty neat photo spot too. The diagonal pillars give an additional dimension to your photos, and work well if you’re wearing a dark outfit.

The only problem with this spot is that people are constantly walking through it, but some nifty cropping will save the day.

Nearest bus stop: UTown


  1. Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM)

If you’re not a Music student, the odds of you venturing to this side of the campus are unlikely. But it’s worth paying it a visit to capture some awesome photos.


The cream-coloured walls work really well if you’re wearing dark colours, and the unique inverted ‘V’ structures make for the perfect frames for your shot.

Plus, the presence of glass walls means that you get loads of natural lighting – which is the best kind.



When you cross over from YSTCM to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, go underground to where the drop-off points are: there are awesome striped grey walls that you’ll be drawn to and they’ll certainly make your bright accessories pop.


Nearest bus stop: Museum


  1. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM)


You don’t even need to go into the museum to get gorgeous shots. Easily the most photogenic structure in NUS, the LKCNHM’s exterior is designed to resemble a sperm whale. With its wooden textures and unique angles, it’s a pretty neat backdrop.


Make use of its angles, and play around with the building to come up with some fun photos – remember, the world’s your stage.

Nearest bus stop:  Museum


These are just seven of the many photogenic spots in NUS that would be perfect for graduation shots or impromptu group photos. We’re pretty sure there are loads more we’ve yet to discover.

Whether it’s in the faculties of Engineering, Science, or even the Bukit Timah Campus, let us know if you’ve found any pretty spots in NUS for amazing photos. Sharing is caring!


Photo credits: All by the writer, with assistance from Sarah Teo, Sally Mok, and Haneesa Begum.