A/P Yu at a solemnisation ceremony.  Credit .
Meet the Marrying Professor

Our Professors have private lives. Sometimes, their private lives become part of ours. Before your imagination gets ahead of yourself, no, this is not a tale of student-teacher relationships (at least, not of the romantic kind). Associate Professor Yu Shi Ming from the Department of Real Estate was a licensed solemniser up till 2015- that’s right,…

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Meet talented artist Choo Ruizhi, sketcher of student exchange programmes
Tracing Travels on Instagram: An Interview with Choo Ruizhi (@Messy_Lines)

Going on a Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is often the highlight for many NUS students. It’s often considered mandatory for students on SEP to post many a photo on Instagram or Facebook, complete with long monologues – on being awestruck by beautiful Barcelonian structures, braving the frigid Lithuanian weather, or travelling solo along America’s Bosh-Wash corridor….

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