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A Magazine for the Curious: Exploring Youth with STAPLE

In this age between youth and adulthood, the world can be an intense and overwhelming experience that excites yet confuses. STAPLE Magazine was birthed out of these meandering conversations and nagging questions about the world. Officially launched on 2 September 2016, this socio-cultural magazine aims to be a platform for alternative voices addressing these questions, most of…

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[Interview] Overdrive II: The Elephant in the Room

Talented dancers from across different faculties and dance societies in NUS eagerly auditioned for the exciting second edition of Overdrive. Part of this year’s NUS Arts Festival, the double bill will showcase two newly commissioned works of international choreographers Ricky Hu and Chen Wu-Kang. Overdrive II is set to raise the quality of dance in…

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[Interview] Nikhil Chopra, Give Me Your blood and I Will Give You Freedom

Performer. Practicing artist. A performance artist who draws on both personal and collective cultural history in his work. Spare the labels. JUST WHO IS NIKHIL CHOPRA? Having had a western centric education in European art history, Chopra views his performances as a form of storytelling that intermingles familial histories, personal narrative and everyday life.  …

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Bao Lin is currently the Vice Chairperson of NUSSU Welfare
[NUSSU Committee] NUSSU Welfare

Three years ago, when Bao Lin was still a freshman, she remembered queuing on Free Cone Day, “I queued a few times. It really made my day!” Having benefitted from NUSSU Welfare initiatives, Bao Lin decided to join the team of passionate people who aim to make their fellow students smile. “Our main objective is…

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