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Packing your welfare packs!
Behind the Scenes: Packing your Welfare Packs

The Welfare Pack Giveaway is one of NUSSU Welfare’s largest projects, and literally thousands of welfare packs reach students all over campus every semester¬†… but have you ever wondered how? Hemaa Shruthi Sekar, the External Vice Chairperson of NUSSU Welfare, was kind enough to share a behind-the-scenes view of the Welfare Pack giveaway this semester…

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nuansa 2015
Casting the Spotlight on Papuan Culture: NUANSA 2015

After uncovering the behind-the-scenes work of Nuansa 2015: Flowers of Asmat, how does the script and planning translate onto the stage?¬†Part 2 of The Ridge‘s exclusive preview takes us into the performers’ and artistic team’s preparations from rehearsal studio to the stage. The Papuan culture, in dance and songs Arguably the most prominent features of…

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