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Introducing: Engineering Good and Engineering Good Student Chapter

Engineering Good (EG) is a non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions. Working in partnership with community-based organisations locally and in the region, they provide opportunities for engineers to contribute their expertise to address community needs through skilled volunteerism. The vision of EG is to build…

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5 Fun Things to Do in NUS

It’s reading week, and if you’re tired of catching up on readings, re-watching webcasted lectures and re-visiting your laboratory assignments, fret not, there are a myriad of things you can do to chill out and take a break! Here are five interesting ways to spice up your school life in this stressful period. 1. Become an Adventurous Foodie Explore the…

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5 Upcoming Study & Break Spots in NUS

During vacations, as we wind down and kick back at home, the various offices of the University Campus Infrastructure (UCI) take advantage of the lack of students on campus and labor tirelessly against a ticking clock to constantly improve and renovate popular study spots, faculty canteens, and break areas for us students. Here are the…

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Yup, I'm sure we can all relate. Credits.
Class Part, Class Fart?

I used to instinctively avoid classes with a heavy focus on class participation, as they often meant ripe opportunities for instinctive panic, horrific embarrassment, making oneself stand out and therefore, committing social suicide. Even though these jitters have since faded, it hasn’t stopped me from questioning the prevalent focus on graded class participation (colloquially known…

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5 Apps for the Productive Student

“The essay is due in WHAT?!” I must confess – I consider myself rather old-fashioned when it comes to technology. I’m definitely a stickler to the well-written means of productivity and organisation. But shocks like the above keep happening, so maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Just last month, I finally swapped out my cruddy, crippled…

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A/P Yu at a solemnisation ceremony.  Credit .
Meet the Marrying Professor

Our Professors have private lives. Sometimes, their private lives become part of ours. Before your imagination gets ahead of yourself, no, this is not a tale of student-teacher relationships (at least, not of the romantic kind). Associate Professor Yu Shi Ming from the Department of Real Estate was a licensed solemniser up till 2015- that’s right,…

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