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Let The People Sing(lish)

The debate over Singlish vs. English can never seem to rest: even before the furore over Singlish between local poet Gwee Li Sui and the Prime Minister’s press secretary Li Lin Chang last year, many have thrown their hats into the arena. Recently, a few The Straits Times’ Forum articles generated more attention than usual:…

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Opinion / Singapore
Performance Art
Censorship in Singapore

The Singapore government argues that censorship of political, racial and religious issues to a certain extent is necessary to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of Singapore’s multi-racial society, which begs the question: how far is too far? Silencing Arts The M1 Fringe Festival controversy over two shows Naked Ladies and Undressing Room started on 22nd November 2016,…

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Creative / Interview
A Magazine for the Curious: Exploring Youth with STAPLE

In this age between youth and adulthood, the world can be an intense and overwhelming experience that excites yet confuses. STAPLE Magazine was birthed out of these meandering conversations and nagging questions about the world. Officially launched on 2 September 2016, this socio-cultural magazine aims to be a platform for alternative voices addressing these questions, most of…

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